Worst interior design trends & how to avoid them


Worst interior design trends & how to avoid them

Worst five interior design fails

You love to be creative, passionate about interior design but are you clued up about the worst trends and are you avoiding them before falling into the trap of design flops? Check out the top five worst trends put forward by interior design experts and voted by 2000 members of the public in the UK in a recent survey commissioned by Samsung to mark the launch of its QLED TV range:

Toilet rugs & furry toilet seat covers: With a whooping 44%, those furry loves are a furry flop for designers. A great suggestion from John Biewen in 1940 but unfortunately not on par with this year’s designers!

Taxidermy: Luxury and stately mansions come to mind when the word taxidermy is uttered but with 39% of votes going against the animal presence, it is no longer an object of class but an offending item of objection!

Avocado bathrooms: Cutting edge designs in the 1970s but with just over a quarter of voters (32%) opposing the retro look, the appeal is no longer classed as retro-rad but just old-fashioned and outdated.

Floral ‘chintz’ furniture: As far back as the 1600 the beloved chintz pattern has adorned our bedding and draperies. A debateable fail as very much loved by well-known retail brands today, 28% felt it was a faux pas of interior design today.

Waterbeds: Invented in 1833 to prevent bed sores, waterbeds gained it’s ‘romantic’ popularity by the 70s and 80s with Playboy’s Hugh Heffner as a key celebrity owner! However, 25% of voters demoted waterbeds as this century’s no go! No sprinkles tonight!

As president of the British Institute of Interior Design, Daniel Hopwood, states: ‘I have lived through the 70s, 80s and 90s and seen interior design trends come and go and it’s fascinating how our tastes have evolved over time. Toilet rugs, rag-rolled walls and TV cupboards should all be consigned to the dodgy décor history books.’

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