Winter prep & how to keep warm through clever interior choices Winter snuggles & interior musts: beating the chill through design


Winter prep & how to keep warm through clever interior choices Winter snuggles & interior musts: beating the chill through design

The central heating has been turned on high, summer wear has been switched to woolly jumpers and children are wrapped up like little Michelin men!  Yes, that’s right, winter is here and with it comes the big chill but how can you get your home ready for the winter season?

Seasonal planning

From fireplaces, to super-soft throws, drapes to plush rugs, we give you the top five interior musts to beat the chill and cosy up with this winter:


Textile essentials

The artic chill offers the perfect time to wrap yourself in soft fabrics and snuggle into cosy furnishings. Add a splash of colour, a decorative glimpse and a delightful texture to your home with cushions, throws and bedding, the perfect essentials to make your home look warm and inviting.


And as a Christmas treat – invest in a beautiful cashmere throw – it will be the one item you will want to keep out all year long!


Insulation scrutiny

We are all guilty of this one bug bear – checking your current insultation. With breezy days heading our way and the coldest winter yet, make sure you check your windows and doors for any gaps. Use door steppers, drapes and blinds to help block out the cold in the short term, saving you heat (and energy!).


Toe warmers

Otherwise known as rugs. The wood flooring may look chic but in the winter months, if you do not have under floor heating, it can get a bit a nippy. Keep your toes warm and add warmth to the room with woolly rugs. Statement colours can accentuate the rug as a focal point otherwise, blend together with the internal walls and furnishings.


Fireplace heaven

There is not a person alive who cannot deny the cosiness that a real fireplace brings to a home. A classic staple to any Christmas film, bring the cabin feel to your living room. From upcycling Victorian wonders to modern stone surrounds, fireplaces can become a key focal point of the room and makes a great feature to gather around whilst toasting a glass of mulled wine!


Boutique layers

Bring warmth and style to your bedroom by layering. Not just for window decoration, use fabric to decorate your bed, create a feature alternative to a frame or across the doorway. Add decorative pillows, throw overs and warm lighting for the finished look and create a calming mood with a scented candle.

If you need help preparing your house for the winter seasons, please call or email our House of Ambience team today and we would love to help.

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