Top ten interior design tips


Top ten interior design tips

From scatter cushions to a lick of paint, drapes to statement objects, textiles to mirrors, interior design can be accomplished but which quick fix solutions give you the grandeur most of us want in our homes. They may be easy to do but are they really that stylish? We want tips that really add the wow factor to our homes.

At House of Ambiance we love to share a tip or two.  In our eyes everyone is a designer, it is the limitation of creativity which stumps how far the design can truly go.  Inject an air of finesse into your home with these top ten tips to get you well on the way in becoming a design extraordinaire, making your homes as stately as you imagined them to be:

  • Establish a colour scheme – this sets the tone for the entire room
  • Use mirrors and vertical lines – a fantastic way to create height illusions
  • Strategically place treats on display – guests will want what they cannot have
  • Tile away – cover the walls in the kitchen and in the bathroom with decorative tiles
  • Dress to impress – from natural décor to bold walls, use drapes to finish the look
  • Make a statement – love the antique? Then make it your statement piece, proud to show to all!
  • Benches are the new chairs – Madness or creative genius? Swap and see!
  • Use the 50/150 rule – When striping a wall, always mix one batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker
  • Love thy textile – fabrics can be fun and creative. Don’t hold back and use them sporadically
  • Contrasting palette – from walls to sofas, tables to lampshades, use contrasting colours to give your rooms a lift
  • Metallic mix – ignore the metals should not mix rule and experiment with the metallic look; you’ll be surprised at the result!

For more tips and decorative treats, get in touch with the team at House of Ambience today; helping you decorate with style, easily and effectively!

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