The popularity of upcycling in contemporary interior design


The popularity of upcycling in contemporary interior design

Upcycling into interior design heaven

Super gluing and papier mache are components of the past when it comes to DIY. With the latest trend in furniture renovations, upcycling is taking the interior design industry by storm.  From bottle cap table tops to wooden pallet storage cupboards, waterpipe handles to skateboard deck coffee tables, contemporary interior design has been hit with a wave of jaw-dropping creativity.

With a view to recycle and reuse, making the world greener and reducing landfill, many are using upcycling as a way of preserving the earth from further damage.  For others, it is taking a plain, tired or outdated looking object and injecting creativity into the unknown. Breaking the boundaries, designers across the world are seeing art through anything that can be shaped, moulded, painted, or sanded.  From industrial pipes to metal filing cabinets, dated drapes to retro artefacts, many are bringing ordinary objects back to life through contemporary interior design.

Converting furniture into better quality is the art of upcycling but that experimental and creativity injection is what takes the finished product one step further. With popular TV programmes promoting a great bargain hunt, renovating Extraordinaires and DIY transformations, more people are wanting to achieve that one-off signature item that is unique to only them.

With limited budgets, access to preowned items and a desire to showcase personal creativity enables designers to push the boundaries of design and style out rooms, cheaply yet effectively.  The unique ideas of upcycling offer people an opportunity to create an individual look or theme and make a statement in their own homes, shops or bars that eventually becomes a talking piece.  Giving people stories with their household objects just makes the piece even more appealing.

Fitting in with contemporary interior design, upcycling gives designers freedom to experiment with materials, colours and finishes as large or as small as their imagination stretches.  From creating statement pieces to finishing off a room, upcycled furniture is that unique stamp designers can put on a room and claim as their own!

Effectively for designers, upcycling is the perfect three-dimensional logo – a signature piece that no other person can replicate but will always be remembered!

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