Shopping for interior design bargains


Shopping for interior design bargains

How to style up on a budget: interior design budget 101

You’ve bought the house, spent the earth on solicitor’s fees, and are now left with a ball of string to decorate! And suddenly that word that no one wants to hear pops up…budget!

But don’t despair. Interior design can be done at minimal costs and without looking like a house of mismatch, dogeared furniture that fell off the back end of a skip!  From paint shades to ornaments, brightly coloured furnishings to designer bedding you can achieve the interior design finish and for a fraction of the cost.

Here are our top three tips for styling up your home on a budget:

A lick of paint

For the shell: Give your home an instant lift with a lick of paint.  Whether you make a feature wall, two-tone or create a statement with a bold and vibrant colour; a room can instantly change once the paint hits the walls.

For the furniture: Plastikote spray paint is a fantastic gem of an item.  Inexpensive but highly effective, spray paint can be used to cover shabby cabinets, upcycling second-hand furniture or even creating a statement feature on a wall.

 Minimalistic elements

For the shell: Less can really be more.  Try shopping around for statement pieces.  Charity shops, car boot sales and discount outlets are fantastic for those hidden gems and best of all, you can barter with the seller! Decorate a wall with an upcycled picture frame, a drape or even one stripe of wallpaper instantly making an impact on entrance of the room.

For the furniture: Try to imagine what a simple vase would bring to the room, a brightly coloured rug or even a strong of lights going up the stairs.  Make a statement with one solitary statement piece; the room doesn’t need clutter to look chic and stylish!

Use colour

For the shell: Colour can be a fantastic way to achieve a statement and without breaking the budget. From a feature wall to a geometrical pattern, bold colours can captivate audiences and bring rooms to life. Go one step further and make each room a representative of your chosen theme, blue and white for that nautical look, oranges and yellow for the Mediterranean feel and burgundy and cream for that autumnal design.

For the furniture:  From affordable outlets such as Asda and Ikea, soft furnishing and inexpensive furniture can be bought and without looking cheap and cheerful!  Use the furniture’s colour to add a touch of zest into your room.  From brightly coloured kitchen appliances to toilet seats and sofa covers, desk chairs to coffee tables, cushions to curtains; your choice is extensive.  Colour is a simple yet effective way to make your interior design stand out (and can be achieved on a shoestring!).

If you need help putting design into your home within budget, please call or email our House of Ambience team today and we would love to help.

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