Kick start spring with easy DIY


Kick start spring with easy DIY

Christmas is behind us; the tinsel has been pulled down and those wretched pine needles have finally been hoovered up!  Now is the perfect time to think about sprucing and rejuvenating your home.

Kick start your spring cleaning with these 10 top tips; guaranteed to make your room look as good as new; giving you a new room in an old house:

10 tips to get your house Springing forward

  1. Say it with colour: Add a signature colour in a room by integrating accessories which compliment and accentuate the overall theme and feel
  2. Make a statement: Light coloured walls can be accentuated with bold coloured items of furniture creating a focal point instantaneously
  3. Paint the ceiling: Paint the ceiling of a white room, pale grey or blue giving the illusion that there is no ceiling
  4. Organisation: Create a room feature through a large bookshelf, organising books vertically and horizontally
  5. Upcycle tired lighting: Give a chandelier a modern twist by painting it a pale colour
  6. Wallpaper: If you don’t want to paper a whole room, try papering the back of a bookshelf or a wardrobe; giving a colour blast to a stapled piece of furniture
  7. Modernize: Introduce a modern furnishing or accessory to a traditionally decorated room
  8. Mirrors: Create the illusion of a larger room through cleverly placed mirrors
  9. Windows: Spruce up your windows with a thorough clean inside and out; you will be amazed at the difference to your lighting!
  10. Bathroom tiles: Use a neutral PH cleaner to clean and bring those much-loved tiles back to life

If you need help putting spring into your home, please call or email our House of Ambience team today and they would love to help.

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