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How to achieve the basics of Georgian interior design Back to basics with Georgian interior design

Georgian interior design is often one of the easiest to renovate and decorate.  Combining harmonious symmetry with striking colour palettes, the basics of Georgian interior design can be easily achieved.  But how can you establish the Georgian style without it going disastrously wrong? As Georgian interior design can bring the most exquisite and classical styles […]

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Style your room with the perfectly placed dado rail The historical roots of the dado rail

Soon after the industrial revolution, there was an overwhelming boom in periodic houses.  As thousands of people flocked to the city there was little space to build bigger homes to reflect wealth and austerity. Instead, wealth was demonstrated through interior design. Bespoke moulding was used to add decoration and interest to rooms; the more elaborate, […]

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Immerse yourself in luxury with Zoffany Zoffany: luxury brand for that austere finish

If you love top quality and high end luxurious décor, then the Zoffany brand is just for you.  Our latest stock gives you exquisite fabrics which will compliment any room; artistically focused wallpaper to fulfil a creative imagination and an extensive selection of finely manufactured paint for all occasions. The History Established over 30 years […]

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Overcoming your top 10 interior design problems

The top 10 key interior design problems & solutions Spring is in the air, creating opportunity to renovate, decorate and revitalise your home. But how you do you get rid of those unsightly features including exposed pipes and uneven window sills and how can you turn an industrial looking room into an attractive living space? Are there realistic solutions […]

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Curtain trends hit Northampton!

Spot your curtains, Northampton style Keeping ahead of the trends is imperative in achieving that optimal look in your home. By integrating the latest fashion to adopting the most popular colour, that ‘perfect’ finish can be achieved even through the simplest of furnishings. Staying ahead of the trends, we give you the latest trends in curtains, Northampton […]

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Can you really dress an awkward shaped window?

The answer is very simple – absolutely! You’ve chosen the furniture, sourced the finishing touches and wallpapered and glossed everywhere (including your hair), when suddenly you realise, that one pivotal feature in your room you need to dress, the window, is like an awkward children’s Christmas gift – lopsided and a complete brain ache! However, […]

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