How to hang wallpaper in five simple steps


How to hang wallpaper in five simple steps

Hanging wallpaper does not have to turn into an absolute nightmare!  In fact, with our five simple steps, it can pave the way to an interior design dream. Don’t let yourself pass the wallpaper aisle too hastily.  Instead, follow these easy steps to wallpapering; opening infinite design possibilities:


The five steps to success

Prepare: Always prep your walls first (wiping with a damp cloth, filling in gaps and removing fixtures)

Measure: Measure the height of the wall and add 100mm to get your drop length

Check: Check the design of the wallpaper; helping you align a straight or drop match pattern

Cut: Cut 50mm above the point in the design you want to see at the top of the wall

Align & paste: Align the paper before you paste, starting from the corner of a room and working your way outwards


Instant wallpapering without the stress!


For more advice on measurements check out these step by step instructions available online, or if you need help finding the perfect wallpaper to tie in your interior design, please call or email our House of Ambience team today and they would love to help.

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