How to achieve the basics of Victorian Living Room design Take the basics of Victorian Living Room design to whole new level

The Victorian era is an astounding period of history.  From the grandeur of Victorian living rooms, to the bustles of lady’s fashion; the Victorians certainly created an ambience in style and presentation.  With high ceilings and wide door frames, Victorians rooms can be extraordinary to decorate and bring to life.

But although history of the Victorian era is quintessential, the Victorian design can still be achieved with modern elements, bringing unique features to such large rooms!  To achieve the basics of modern design within a Victorian Living Room, here are our five most popular tips:


Integrate modern light fixtures such as drop-down copper light shades, contemporary lattices or even in-built ceiling lights.  This can give wonderful lighting and cast playful shadows in such large rooms; and can be beautifully accentuated by bold colour palettes and decorative walls.


Victorians loved patterns and would layer patterns over pattern creating a psychedelic effect.  Try integrating bold patterns through soft furnishings such as rugs, throws, curtains and even furniture but modernise the look with bold yet plain walls.

Colour palettes

When decorating a Victorian Living Room, this is the chance to be bold and creative.  With magnificent sized walls don’t be afraid to use vivid flashes of bold colours.  These can add personality to your rooms and provide a striking feature in in your periodic room.


Most Victorian rooms had an in-built fireplace but today, maintaining a fire can be incredibly time-consuming if not expensive to utilise!  Adapt the fireplace surroundings by replacing the traditional aspects of the fire with a wood-burning stove offering easier maintenance with maximum effect.


One of the more common downfalls of periodic houses are the state of the walls.  If your walls are uneven, try building a bespoke wall of shelving across the entire length giving a stunning focal point combined with tackling those storage challenges!

Have fun with your Victorian Living room, accentuate those periodic beauties and integrate a modern twist!  Bring your room to life and put a 21st century stamp on a beautifully architectural room.

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