Christmas Decorations How to spruce interiors in style with a homemade touch


Christmas Decorations How to spruce interiors in style with a homemade touch

Christmas is the time of year that we look to in anticipation and delight, when lights sparkle, and the home becomes a twinkling haven away from the whirl of festive social engagements. But what are the best ways to help your home reach it’s seasonal best?

Here are some of our favourite ideas for decking the halls with a homely touch:

Bedeck and bedazzle

From baubles in a vintage vase to twisting some fairy lights around the banister, why not go all out this year and take the decorations beyond the Christmas tree? Share the decadence of Christmas with the other rooms in your house and relish the opportunity to glam up your ‘maison’.

Bake your decorations!

Did you know that salt dough decorations are making a comeback in 2018? Think carefully crafted candelabras and Nordic style home-making. Simple at-home decorations can be achieved by shaping a wreath base and building layers of dough-foliage, to create a beautiful candle-filled centrepiece worthy of any Bake Off finalist.

Bring the outside in

Whilst on the topic of foliage, don’t forget that some of the most effective and budget-friendly decorations can be gathered from the garden or local park. The shiny evergreen leaves of holly and ivy are good friends of candles or fairy-lights as they reflect the glow to give an indulgent feeling to your decor.

Another good tip is to use natural materials such as peacock feathers or pine cones to add depth and texture to your foliage creations: they get bonus points for stamina as they won’t wilt like flowers can!

Let the inside out

When you have such a fantastic ambience going on in your home, why stop at the front door? Even if you have the tiniest of gardens, you can still festoon trees or shrubs with (outdoor-approved) colourful fairy lights and baubles to brighten up your approach. For a warm and welcoming look, stand a variety of sizes of LED lanterns to either side of your front door: stand back and admire the glow.


Take time to enjoy

It’s the most wonderful time of year but it goes by so fast: make sure you schedule a cosy evening of home comforts over the holiday to really relax and appreciate all of the hard work you have put in to make your house marvellous.

We would like to wish all of our customers new and old a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. If you require any help preparing your house for the festive period, please call or email House of Ambience today, we would love to help.


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