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How curtains and blinds can save you money and retain heat!

Stepping into the New Year is the perfect time to reassess ways of saving money and insulating your home.  The thermal properties of curtains and blinds can have substantial effect on your overall energy bills.  Curtains can reduce heat loss through single glazed windows by up to 60%, and up to 40% to 50% through […]

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Curtain trends hit Northampton!

Spot your curtains, Northampton style Keeping ahead of the trends is imperative in achieving that optimal look in your home. By integrating the latest fashion to adopting the most popular colour, that ‘perfect’ finish can be achieved even through the simplest of furnishings. Staying ahead of the trends, we give you the latest trends in curtains, Northampton […]

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Can you really dress an awkward shaped window?

The answer is very simple – absolutely! You’ve chosen the furniture, sourced the finishing touches and wallpapered and glossed everywhere (including your hair), when suddenly you realise, that one pivotal feature in your room you need to dress, the window, is like an awkward children’s Christmas gift – lopsided and a complete brain ache! However, […]

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