Autumn colours & interior design knacks


Autumn colours & interior design knacks

Navy blue is hitting the catwalks this Autumn, dusky pink is on the up and gold is creating a stir among designers but what does this mean for interior design? From gold carpets to oversized floral patterns, monochrome accessories to kitchen cupboard combinations; interior design is being mixed up and creativity masterminds are producing jaw-dropping results!

Below are five mind-blowing dos for interior design enthusiasts as we fall into those autumnal months:

Do use patterns to make a statement: Oversized florals, contrasting colours and bright shapes can radically transform the shell of your room. Experiment explore and be creative with your shells colour scheme.

Kitchen mix up: Don’t be afraid to mix cupboards and cabinets up. Different textures and design can work stunningly together. Deviate from everything matching and instead, make a statement from the very first drawer handle!

Monochrome ahoy: If you’re not a fan of blocks of black, monochrome patterns enables you to gain that chic look but with a finesse of geometrical splendour. Use tactile pieces to balance the black and white out within the desired room.

Navy blue & dusky pink: Navy is this year’s ‘colour’ especially for this coming season as is dusky pink and a slither of gold! From wallpaper to shade variations, textile blocks to furniture pieces, use the key colours to dazzle your audience!

Artisan touch: From tufted rugs to pattered quilts, decorative wall hangings to rattan lampshades, if it looks homely and cosy, it is an interior design contemporary hit! With neutral walls and soft drapes, this will be the perfect artisan look!

For more tips and decorative treats, get in touch with the team at House of Ambience today; helping you decorate with style, easily and effectively!

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